Paddle Boarding Rules & Info

Paddle Boarding Rules:

Each session starts on the hour and we recommend your group arrives at least 15 minutes before. Please come to the clubhouse reception when your whole group has arrived on site with your BookWhen confirmation ready, staff will check you in and point you in the right direction. If you arrive late for your session, unfortunately, you will have less time on the paddleboards, its your responsibility to get to us on time. Please allow plenty of time to travel safely.

Please note, you must come back to shore after 50 minutes of the session so the next session can start promptly on the hour.
No coaching is provided, however if you’d like tuition check out Just Paddle UK under ‘also on site’ via our website.
No refunds are given.

  • If any paddles are lost or damaged whilst renting our boards, the fee for this is £40. If any leashes are lost or damaged whilst renting the boards, the fee is £25.00
  • You must be capable of completing a 50 meter swim.
  • Children must be over the age of 10 in order to take a board out on their own. Children aged 6-10 years old can share a board with an adult.
  • You must not have any medical condition that may impact your ability to safely partake in this activity. If you are unsure seek the advice of a GP.
  • Please ensure you understand our safety rules & read/sign our watersports indemnity form, available online – also available on site before taking part in this activity.
  • Before each session make sure you check in at the Dams Watersports Clubhouse Reception, and ensure you understand which lake to use.
  • Buoyancy aids are mandatory.
  • You must enter and exit the water at the designated point.
  • In the event you get into difficulty during the paddle board session, you must signal for rescue by raising an arm in the air, or try to reach the nearest shoreline.
  • You should always use the leash connected to your paddle board. This will help you stay connected to your board if you get into trouble and help you float.
  • There will be no lifeguard present at any paddleboard session, therefore you take part in the activity at your own risk.
  • In the event of a thunderstorm, failing light, fog or high winds a member of staff may decide to end a session. If you are asked to exit the lake then please do so immediately.
  • Be aware of Swans as they can attack defending their nest, young and territory.
  • Be aware of swimmer’s itch that can occur in natural lakes – swimmer’s itch is most common in warm freshwater lakes and ponds.
  • You must acknowledge the risks associated with outdoor activities in open water, that the lake is a natural environment. Lake banks/steps may be slippery, there may be sharp stones and shells underfoot. There are various buoys and ropes within the water which must be avoided. If you do not feel comfortable with these hazards then you should not take part in the activities in an open water environment.